Is Living Happily For You?

Erasing Stigma & Speaking Truth 

Historically we have prescribed therapy for times when a person is broken-hearted or feeling deeply challenged in life. While it is true that many people come to therapy from a place of crisis, it is also true that when done well, therapy creates the most mentally well among us.  It is our mission at Living Happily to hold a sacred place for your healing and growth so that you may come to live with peace in your heart, and vitality and fullness in your life.

What We Do To Help

Many people search to solve life’s day to day challenges, whether parenting your children, navigating relationships, struggling with health issues, or feeling stuck in your career.  At Living Happily, we believe you can improve your life.  We are highly skilled and ready to join with you in developing a vision for achieving your personal goals and designing a life you can truly enjoy.

At Living Happily, we are down to earth and compassionate, creating a warm, respectful, and supportive relationship with you.  We are strongly committed to providing you with an effective, ethical and empowering therapy experience.